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Bush and Rove two criminals Karl Rove burnt toastKarl Rove behind bars

Why Karl Rove Should Go to Jai

Karl Rove's Big Lie

Bringing Karl Rove to Trial, Test Run

Ohio Attorneys to Assert RICO Claim Against Karl Rove
for Orchestrating Theft of 2004 Election

Rep. Sanchez: Karl Rove Should Go To Jail

The F Word: Why isn't Rove in Jail?

Will McClellan Be John Dean to Bush's Richard Nixon?

No McBush in 2008

Karl Rove: Off to Another Criminal Mission

Turd Blossom Resigns.. or Bush's Brain Farts

Connect the Dots: Karl Rove's Politics Uber Alles Strategy
and the Utah Mine Disaster

Karl Rove: The Machiavelli Who Failed
Fitzgerald Will Seek New White House Indictments
Scott Mcellan answers to the press on Rove CIA Leak
Benedict Rove Reporting For Duty
Roves role
Could it be Bush's Watergate?
Probe Poses Issue of What Rove Told Bush
Karl Rove Scandal and the Big Picture
The Plame Affair - Heart of Darkenss
At the GOP School for Scandal, Monica trumps Rove
Fighting Rove's Gang of Bullies
Karl Rove in deep do-do
The Web of Lies Runs Deeper
Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak
11 Security Breaches in Plame Case
Reports says Rove and Libby misled FBI
Rove-Plame scandal leading to deeper White House horrors?
Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One
You Can't Not Care About Lies and War
Treasongate: It's Not Just Karl Rove
Cheney Wasn't Involved Either... Right
America's Big Malignant Tumor
Why “White House v. Wilson/Plame” Matters
Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation
Rove-Bush Conspiracy Noose Tightens
How dumb do they think we are?
Bush changes his firing line
Bush dilutes pledge to fire aides
Scott McClellan and the Rovegate Press Conference
Searching for Truth in the Karl Rove Story
Libby Top Cheney Aide Among Sources
FOX News Frantically Spins Rove Scandal
Karl Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement
Rovegate: 2003 State Dept. Memo the Key?
State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on CIA Officer
RNC chair tells the same lies over and over about Rove controversy
'Turd Blossom' in full flower: Traitor in the White House
It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble
Rove leak is just part of larger scandal
U.S. pays bloody price for Rove's nasty politics
Will traitor Rove follow father figure Nixon's fatal footsteps?
Karl Rove May Have Lied to Federal Agents, a Federal Crime

Rove reworked as heroic whistleblower
Ann Coulter's Fog Of Lies About Karl Rove
Another example of classic Karl Rove
Treasongate: It's Not Just Karl Rove
Karl Rove and the access of evil
Getting Worried at the White House
White House Follows Scandal Script For Rove
The Corporate Media Begins to Connect the Dots

Press Batters McClellan on Rove/Plame Link
Rove disclosure puts Bush in bind
The Plame Affair: Rove and Cheney Are Guilty As Charged
Liars, Damn Liars and the Bush Administration
News Hounds - We watch FOX News so you don't have to
Source Watch...Karl Rove: Outing Valerie Plame

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Karl Rove Lie

Send Karl Rove to Jail

Rove, White House Spokesman Get Subpoenas White House Bigwigs Called to Testify in Defense of Former Vice Presidential Aide 'Scooter' Libby

A Case Of Treason

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When They Knew
The Bomb and Karl Rove
Derail Scandal Train
Seeing the real Rove at last
Karl Rove: An American Traitor
Rove Scandal Could Stick
The Guardian profile: Karl Rove
The Word on "Turd Blossom"

Known as Bush's brain
and called
Turd Blossom by Dubya
Mr. GOP Dirty Tricks
Karl Rove

Conflicting Stories
Graphic timeline
Turd Blossom-Gate
Rove's Most Telling Words
Why Plame Matters

Follow the Uranium
Karl Rove's America
The outing of a coward
Rove Defense Team
The real Rove scandal
Rove's War
Rove Gate
History, according to Rove
Leak? What Leak?
The Plame Grenade
Code Rove

Bush's Brain

Who is Karl Rove
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Is Karl Rove Screwed, or Not?
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